Comedy Clash: Katt Williams Calls Out Cedric the Entertainer for Joke Theft Drama

Comedy Clash: Katt Williams Calls Out Cedric the Entertainer for Joke Theft Drama

Last Updated: 4 January 2024By

In the uproarious world of comedy, where laughter is the ultimate currency, a feud has ignited between two titans of the stand-up scene: Katt Williams and Cedric the Entertainer. What’s the bone of contention? Allegedly stolen jokes.

The comedic drama unfolded on the Club Shay Shay podcast, where Katt Williams, with his signature wit, accused Cedric of pilfering one of his prized jokes. Williams didn’t hold back, asserting that Cedric believed he could snatch the joke without repercussions because Williams was just a “no-name comedian.”

According to Williams, the contentious joke had a history on BET’s ComicView, gaining so much traction that it even made its way into the show’s commercials. “This is not just a random joke; this is my best, my last, and my closing joke,” Williams passionately declared. The plot thickened as Williams recalled a chance encounter with Cedric at The Comedy Store in 1998. Williams claimed Cedric showered him with compliments, only for the alleged joke theft to occur two years later during Cedric’s performance on ‘The Original Kings of Comedy.’ The only modification? Cedric turned Williams’ car into a spaceship.

Cedric, however, has vehemently denied these accusations. On the Club Shay Shay podcast in November 2022, he dismissed Williams’ claims as “ridiculous” and questioned why Williams hadn’t spoken up earlier. The rift deepened as Williams revealed that both Cedric and Steve Harvey had previously apologized to him for the alleged theft, leading him to give them a “pass for a decade.” However, things took a turn for the worse when Cedric publicly denied the allegations on the same podcast.

“Why would you downplay me like that? Why would I give you a pass if you were just gonna lie?” Williams expressed his frustration, unveiling a rift that had seemingly been simmering beneath the surface for years. In the aftermath of these explosive podcast revelations, Cedric took to Club Shay Shay’s Instagram comment section to defend himself. He dismissed Williams’ claims as “Revisionist History” and highlighted his extensive career, featuring over 40 movies and successful comedy specials.

Amid the joke theft drama, Williams also dropped a bombshell, suggesting that Cedric, Harvey, and Rickey Smiley form a comedy cabal, working together to sideline him and others in the industry. He claimed they weren’t “three random guys” but were “co-entwined, and they share secrets.”

As the comedy world watches with bated breath, the clash between Katt Williams and Cedric the Entertainer adds a new layer of intrigue to the age-old question of who truly owns the laughter in the world of stand-up. One thing is for sure – the punchlines are far from over in this comedic saga.