Controversial Theater Incident Involving Rep. Lauren Boebert Sparks Debate

“Controversial Theater Incident Involving Rep. Lauren Boebert Sparks Debate”

Last Updated: 14 September 2023By

A controversial incident unfolded at a performing arts theater in Denver, where Republican Representative Lauren Boebert was escorted out by security personnel following “multiple complaints” on Sunday. The incident was captured on surveillance video and has since garnered attention. In the footage obtained by CNN affiliate KUSA, theater officials can be seen addressing Boebert and her companion in their seats inside the theater. After a brief conversation, they are seen leaving their seats and exiting the theater with officials.

The video shows the pair walking through the theater and eventually leaving the premises. Additional footage suggests that they continued to tour the theater and proceeded onto the street. Denver Arts and Venues, which oversees the Buell Theater, reported the incident to CNN via email on Wednesday, providing details of the incident in which two security personnel were instructed to escort individuals sitting in Orchestra C, Row E, Seats 1 and 2 out of the theater because they were “vaping, singing, creating a disturbance.”

According to the report, “When we arrived, the individuals were not in their seats, and we waited for their return. Once the individuals returned, I informed them that our usher team had noticed vaping and that they were also being disruptive by singing, using their cell phones, and creating a disturbance in the area, and that they needed to show respect to their fellow patrons.” Officials warned the individuals that if further complaints were received, they would be asked to leave. “The individuals were argumentative, stating they were doing nothing wrong. I informed them that it was an experience, and if they continued, they would be removed,” the official stated in the report.

After an additional complaint, the individuals were reported to be “speaking loudly and also recording at that time,” prompting their removal from the theater. “I informed them that they needed to leave the theater, and if they did not, they would be subject to arrest. The security personnel was professional and respectful. I can confirm that no contact was made with the individuals,” the official added. The report did not list Boebert by name, and theater officials were unable to confirm whether she was the individual escorted out of the theater.

In a social media post on Tuesday, Boebert claimed she had attended the performance and said she was “guilty of having a great time laughing and singing loudly!” “It’s true, I thoroughly enjoyed the fantastic Beatles show and I am guilty of laughing and singing along! If you get the chance this week, everyone should go see it, and please let me know how it ends,” she said in the post.

In a statement shared with CNN, Boebert’s campaign manager, Drew Sexton, confirmed that Boebert had refused to comply with theater staff’s requests to stop vaping but denied that she was singing. “I can confirm the absolutely ridiculous and false rumors: during her private time at a Beatles show, Congresswoman Lauren Boebert was not singing. She is a strong supporter of the performing arts (sometimes loudly!), and a few select patrons did not appreciate her enthusiasm for the Beatles,” Sexton said in the statement.

Boebert has previously made headlines for her vocal outburst during President Biden’s 2022 State of the Union address, where she shouted while discussing assistance to American veterans. She also faced backlash in 2021 for suggesting, without evidence, that Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar was a terrorist, for which Boebert later apologized.