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Dreaming Big: Arizona’s 2024 Sports Wishlist Sparks Hope and Optimism

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As the sun sets on another year of highs and lows in Arizona sports, fans are turning their gaze towards 2024 with a renewed sense of hope and anticipation. From the courts to the fields, the wishlist for the upcoming year includes health, home, and a dash of history for the Suns, DBacks, Cardinals, ASU, and more. Let’s dive into the collective dreams and aspirations of Arizona sports enthusiasts as they wish upon shooting stars for a year of triumphs.

Health: A Universal Wish

At the top of the wishlist is a universal desire – the gift of health for Arizona’s beloved athletes. From Devin Booker’s swift crossovers to Kyler Murray’s electrifying runs, fans yearn for a 2024 free from the shadow of injuries. A plea echoes across the state: let the teams compete at full strength, and may the specter of “What could have been?” be banished.

Arizona Coyotes Find a Permanent Home:

Arizona's 2024 Sports

The Arizona Coyotes’ arena saga has been a lingering subplot in the sports narrative. As the clock ticks into 2024, fans harbor a fervent wish for a conclusive end to this tale. A permanent arena solution is not just about securing the team’s future but proving, once and for all, that hockey thrives in the desert. The wish is simple: let the Coyotes find their forever home in the Valley.

ASU Football Awakens:

Arizona State University’s football program, often deemed a “sleeping giant,” is due for an awakening in 2024. With the Sun Devils entering the Big 12 under Coach Kenny Dillingham, fans dream of realizing the program’s vast potential. In a new era of college athletics, the wish is for ASU to make strides, fill the voids, and compete with vigor. Can they conquer the NIL race and hold their own in the Big 12? The wish is for all the pieces to fall into place in 2024.

Diamondbacks Prove 2023 Was No Fluke:

While not daring to wish for a World Series win, fans hope the Arizona Diamondbacks can demonstrate that their impressive 2023 MLB run was no fluke. A return to the postseason would be a welcome chapter in the team’s narrative, offering fans a taste of consecutive trips to the playoffs. The wish is for the DBacks to build on the momentum and establish themselves as perennial contenders.

Cardinals’ Turnaround:

Arizona's 2024 Sports

The Cardinals may not be aiming for the playoffs in 2024, but fans do wish for a noticeable turnaround as the team undergoes a rebuild. Under the guidance of Monti Ossenfort and Jonathan Gannon, the hope is for progress and perhaps a glimpse of the postseason on the horizon. The lingering question: will Kyler Murray lead the Cardinals into their next era of greatness?

Diana Taurasi’s Final Postseason Run:

As WNBA legend Diana Taurasi gears up for her 20th season in 2024, fans dare to dream of one last postseason run. Whether it ends in a championship or not, the wish is for Taurasi to exit the stage with a memorable playoff journey, adding another glorious chapter to her unmatched legacy in women’s basketball.

Arizona Men’s College Basketball in the Final Four:

With the 2024 NCAA Men’s Final Four set to grace Glendale’s State Farm Stadium, the ultimate wish is for an Arizona team to make the cut. Whether it’s the Wildcats, Sun Devils, Grand Canyon, or even NAU, the dream is for a local team to captivate the state with an impressive tournament run, turning the Final Four into a can’t-miss spectacle.

As Arizona’s sports enthusiasts pen their wishlist for 2024, the common thread is one of hope, optimism, and a shared belief that dreams can come true. From health and home for athletes to historic triumphs on the court and field, the wishlist is a testament to the unwavering passion that binds fans to their teams. As the new year unfolds, Arizona holds its breath, waiting to see which wishes will be granted and which dreams will turn into reality.