For the first time, the United States has deployed a navy ship at a foreign port

For the first time, the United States has deployed a navy ship at a foreign port

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” The United States of America unveiled a new naval warship in Sydney on Saturday, marking the first occasion in history that an American navy ship has entered foreign seas on a mission. During a combined ceremony at the Sydney Naval Base, the USS Canberra, a cutting-edge destroyer, proudly displayed its colours alongside American and Australian military men. The cruiser HMAS Canberra, which was named after Australia’s capital city and lost during World War II, served as the inspiration for the naming of the current ship.

The incident on Saturday was the first time the U.S. Navy had permitted one of its ships to be stationed at a foreign port. The predecessor of the USS Canberra, also known as USS Canberra, served during World War II, making the USS Canberra the second ship of the designated navy for a foreign city. According to a tweet from Carlos Del Toro, the secretary of the U.S. Navy, “The new USS Canberra honours our 100-year partnership with Australia and represents a symbol of our shared values and continuous mission to support a free and open Indo-Pacific.”

 the United States has deployed a navy ship at a foreign port

Following the signing of the AUKUS trilateral security agreement between the United States, Australia, and New Zealand, which strengthened their close ties, the USS Canberra was deployed. Due to Chinese concerns, Australia is working to bolster security in the area, and part of this effort is buying five American submarines. The United States and Australia took part in a combined naval drill in Sydney the day before the USS Canberra was rolled out. Reportedly, 30,000 servicemen from 13 different countries were participating. According to Del Toro, this exercise was intended to send China a message that “we are deeply connected by the core values that exist among many nations.”

“He said that Australia and the United States are prepared to collaborate effectively to protect their respective national security interests”.