The Spanish Football Federation Calls for President Rubials' Resignation

The Spanish Football Federation Calls for President Rubials’ Resignation

Last Updated: 29 August 2023By

After a contentious incident involving a player, the leadership of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has unexpectedly demanded the immediate resignation of its president, Luis Rubials. This audacious decision has shocked the Spanish football community in the midst of intensive scrutiny and criticism directed towards Rubials.

The Controversial Incident

The event during the Women’s World Cup final when a Spanish player was spotted kissing a fellow teammate on the lips after scoring a pivotal goal is at the centre of the dispute. This first harmless act of joy swiftly turned into a significant issue that has damaged Spanish football’s reputation on the world stage.

The Outcry and Demands for Action

Following the event, a number of well-known individuals in Spanish football, including referees, openly criticised Rubials for his handling of the circumstance. They maintained that by delaying taking action against the players, he had tarnished Spanish football’s reputation.

The RFEF’s Response

The leaders of the regional organisations that make up the RFEF released a joint statement in reaction to the mounting outrage, calling for President Rubials to resign. In their statement, they referred to the current circumstances and the irreparable harm done to Spanish football’s reputation.

The Fallout

Now, both inside the RFEF and among Spanish football supporters, President Rubials is caught in the eye of a whirlwind of criticism. His leadership is under close examination, and influential clubs like Barcelona and Real Madrid as well as the RFEF are calling for his removal.

The Spanish Football Federation Calls for President Rubials' Resignation

The FIFA Factor

FIFA, the organisation that oversees international football, intervened in the situation by barring Rubials from participating in official matches. His participation in discussions, including Spain’s and Portugal’s joint bid for the right to host the 2030 World Cup, has been virtually blocked by this action.

The Internal Struggles

The issue has become more problematic as a result of the RFEF’s internal politics as well as FIFA’s suspension of Rubials. Some detractors contend that the call for Rubials’ resignation is an attempt by some RFEF factions to obtain more power inside the group.

The Uncertain Future

The future of Spanish football is still up in the air as events continue. Deep rifts within Spain’s football community have been revealed as a result of the call for Rubials to quit. It remains to be known if he will resign or weather the crisis.


In conclusion, Spanish football has been affected by the dispute surrounding President Luis Rubials and the RFEF’s call for his resignation. In addition to harming Spanish football’s reputation, the event at the Women’s World Cup final also caused a huge power struggle inside the RFEF. The future course of Spanish football will be decided in the days to come, and the whole footballing community will be attentively monitoring how this crisis plays out.