Kim Kardashian is surely someone who looks forward to going to the office every day. 

The reality television star and business mogul uploaded a tour of her SKKN BY KIM headquarters to TikTok and showcased its over-the-top luxury features. 

The 55-second video is in the style of a hugely popular TikTok format called the "of course" trend 

Popular versions have shown DINK couples, siblings, and a pastor's daughter, who repeat the two words the trend is named after before introducing a trait  

Kardashian begins her video dressed in a white robe from her SKIMS collection.  

"I'm Kim Kardashian, of course, I have all my magazine covers covering my walls," she says 

Kardashian then steps into her office's "glam room," which has a "mannequin with my custom measurements" propped up in the corner. 

Kardashian shows another room that features "a big TV wall" that plays her "beauty campaigns on loop."