On the site of a former city parking lot, Atlanta's The Melody transitional housing community launched on Friday, bringing 40 temporary houses to the area.

According to a news statement unveiling the project, the neighborhood, which is located at 184 Forsythe Street, has access to public transportation.

The neighbourhood is close to wrap-around amenities including medical care and educational possibilities.

As to Cathryn Vassell, CEO of Partners for HOME, the community was named in honor of Melody Bloodsworth

 The community was an unhoused individual grappling with mental and physical ailments in addition to addiction problems.

"We couldn't find the right housing solution for Melody... she wound up leaving [a placement in Gwinnett County] and soon after passed away on the street," Vassell stated to 11 Alive.

 The facility is made up of what were once portable COVID-19 Intensive Care Units .

The facility were given by the Georgia Emergency Management Agency.

The number of homeless individuals increased by almost 12% in 2023, totaling 653,104.