Apl.de.Ap and Bitto, two Filipino artists who have established their marks in the global space 

This collaboration is in line with our goal of amplifying more local talents to the global stage  

Apl.de.Ap x Bitto Phygital Art Launch in Apotheka Makati, Poblacion, art enthusiasts, and NFT collectors came together 

The launch of Agents of Peace and Love, a collection featuring Apl.de.Ap’s NFT music and Bitto’s Bittoverse artworks. 

a Bitto artwork piece but it’s even more special since it’s also a collaboration with Apl! 

"It’s something you don’t see often: a collaboration of two big names in the creative/art space,” shared Jax Reyes 

Bitto winning bidder of the 4x5ft canvass painting that comes with the ownership of Apl’s exclusive song ‘Turnaround. 

The Apl.de.Ap x Bitto Phygital Art series delves into the nexus of creativity and technology, bringing colors, forms, and emotions to life.