Unlike its predecessor, Frostpunk 2 allows players to break free from the confines of a small cluster of buildings. 

You get to oversee the growth of the last city on Earth into a sprawling urban center, adding a whole new layer of complexity to city management. 

In a shift from the first game, time is now measured in months and years. 

Frostpunk 2 challenges players to rebuild society after overcoming the frozen apocalypse.  

The game introduces a Council building, becoming a focal point for political maneuvering.  

Players engage in legislative proceedings, pass laws, and apply pressure to shape the city's values. 

Frostpunk 2 emphasizes gut-wrenching decisions and brutal difficulty, particularly in the Utopia Builder mode. 

Frostpunk 2 evolves the gameplay by shifting from merely surviving to the intricate task of rebuilding.