Piggy Hope for Liver Transplants: – Introduction of pigs as potential contributors to addressing the organ shortage crisis. – Mentioning the 10,000 people in the U.S. awaiting liver transplants.

Overview of the experiment conducted by researchers from the University of Pennsylvania, eGenesis, and OrganOx. 

Connection of a brain-dead patient to a pig's liver, allowing blood circulation for three days. 

Creating a pig liver with 69 edits, including removing pig-like proteins, adding human genes, and deactivating pig retroviruses. 

Dr. Shaked's optimistic view of the experiment as a starting point for future xenotransplants. 

Envisioning more sophisticated pig livers that can perform complex functions of the human liver. 

Dr. Shaked's hope that, by the end of the year, patients with liver failure could benefit from this revolutionary approach. 

Summarizing the significance of the breakthrough in connecting a pig's liver to a human patient. 

Reflecting on how this approach offers a new hope for addressing the organ shortage crisis.