The University of Exeter, a significant leap has been made in understanding the risk factors associated with young-onset dementia (YOD). 

Analyzing data from 356,052 individuals under the age of 65 in the UK, the study highlights a range of lifestyle and health 

Complex Relationship with Alcohol: Alcohol abuse increases risk

Moderate to heavy drinking correlates with reduced risk, possibly due to overall better health in this group 

Protective Elements Against YOD: – Higher levels of formal education – Lower physical frailty, measured by higher handgrip strength

The study contributes significantly to our understanding of YOD, bridging existing knowledge gaps and shedding light on modifiable risk factors. 

The identification of modifiable risk factors brings optimism to the prospect of reducing the risk of dementia through healthier living. 

Contrary to common assumptions of genetic causes, the study highlights the need to explore other risk factors contributing to YOD.