As the threat to the Dutton family and the Yellowstone ranch grew, Market Equities took over Schwartz & Meyer and Jamie met his biological father

Now, everything comes to a head in the Season 3 finale.

In the Season 3 finale, leaving everyone's future uncertain and permanently altering the family dynamic.

This is the events described in "The World is Purple."

"The World is Purple": What Happened ?elatives.

When Jamie visits his biological father, he bombards Garrett with inquiries concerning other family members. 

Garrett provides him with the details and also shares a story about how, when Jamie was a baby, his mother was working as a prostitute and he found Jamie malnourished and using a crack pipe. 

He claims it's the reason he killed her and that it was the finest decision he could have done.

He adds that he is the only real family Jamie has, despite Jamie's insistence.2