Tea is often considered a healthy choice, but commercially brewed and bottled teas can hide shockingly high levels of added sugar. 

Sage tea shares similarities with parsley tea in uterine-stimulating compounds. Excessive consumption during pregnancy can elevate the risk of miscarriage. 

Peppermint tea, cherished for its refreshing flavor and aromatic qualities, is a favorite among tea enthusiasts. 

Among the various herbal teas, parsley tea is particularly noteworthy for its potential risks during this crucial time. 

Lemon tea is often embraced for its refreshing citrusy flavor. However, it holds a lesser-known concern, regarding elevated levels of lead, fluoride, and acidity

Licorice tea has gained popularity for its distinct flavor and potential health benefits. Its unique sweetness, derived from a component called glycyrrhizin 

Kava kava, also known as kava, is a type of tea known for its global significance in various cultural ceremonies. 

Detox teas often promise to rid the body of toxins, boost metabolism, and promote weight loss. 

Comfrey tea boasts a rich historical background as a traditional remedy, particularly for the healing of injuries.