Estranged siblings reuniting after a long period is a classic recipe for drama 

These siblings hail from a violent family with different allegiances, the plot thickens.  

The core trio, featuring Michelle Yeoh, Justin Chien, and Sam Song Li, carries the heart of the show. 

Michelle Yeoh's portrayal of 'Mama Sun' goes beyond marketing 

'Mama Sun'  becoming central to the plot as she navigates the dangerous streets of LA.  

The Brothers Sun effectively balances the thrill of Charles outmaneuvering assassins in LA with the comedy 

the comedy arising from the clash between his dangerous life and Bruce's role as a reluctant medical student. 

The mystery unfolds as Bruce is initiated into the family business, leading to unexpected conflicts, including fights over the disposal of a slain assassin's remains. 

In conclusion, The Brothers Sun offers a well-paced and unique viewing experience.