There is nothing like a conspiracy theory to capture the fertile imagination.

Why has Bancroft been ignored by the selectors as part of a 13-man squad for the first Test against the West Indies 

It has nothing to do with Bancroft’s central role in Sandpapergate 

If it did, why was he chosen with Steve Smith and David Warner on the 2019 Ashes tour after the trio served lengthy suspensions? 

Bancroft was one of the boys. He is a genial, easy-going young man who mixed well with all the players 

like Smith and Warner, Bancroft wasn’t put in the line of fire given the furnace of Sandpapergate 

he only time I heard any teammates utter anything remotely negative about Bancroft was when he batted in the nets and his technical flaws were discussed.

If the conspiracy theorist was looking for someone to point the finger at, it would have been Warner. He would often sit quietly at the front of the bus, taking the opportunity to talk to his family.